Implementing Three Thinking Directions of Life Education

First, help students to establish an appropriate value on life

Today's young students like "game life" and have a strong "play" mentality. But as a teacher, you still have to remind students that the game has rules for the game. If you don't follow it, no one will be willing to play with you. Just like playing basketball, you always make a move that cuddles and smashes the ball. You may leave the field with five offenses, or you can't find a ball partner or a golfer. The road to life is even more so. If you lack love, courage, or credit, who would want to deal with such people? Therefore, life education should focus on helping students to internalize virtues (values, beliefs) and then play a game of life based on these rules (virtue).

        The three most important virtues are wisdom, benevolence, and courage. This word “achievement” shows that life is going to be smooth and comfortable, and it depends on these three virtues. Among the three, benevolence is fundamental. We must cultivate and expand the love of students. For example, primary school students should learn to love themselves, and middle school students should expand to love the native land. High school students should love this world. College students can love nature and love the universe. . However, in practice, love depends on wisdom. Otherwise, it will be "good and bad, and its disadvantages will be foolish." That is to say, Rende should cooperate with "lifelong learning", first guide students to learn to be an ethic person and moral person, and then strive to become a professional. In the end, it is the cultivation of courage. It is the courage of "self-denial and self-respect". It is the moral courage of "thousands of people, I am going to swear". Being brave enough to face your own mistakes, life can be new and new; there can be courage to uphold moral principles, and human beings can have hope.

Knowing how to walk in life, the next step is to think about the meaning and purpose of life. At this time, we must have a set of philosophy of life and outlook on life; perhaps this is a university course, but middle school students can lay the foundations of life sciences, earth sciences, biology, history, literature, etc., which contributes to the thinking of life philosophy. Of course, if you can implement philosophy education early in the high school stage, it will definitely help students to find their future life direction.

Second, instruct students to seriously live each day in life

        Sometimes it is more abstract to talk to students about their outlook on life. If you focus on life every day, it is both concrete and practical. In fact, the "life style" of a student can determine the quality of his life. From the morning eyes open to the night to sleep, we have to guide students how to pass, of course, teachers must first put down the body, into the student's life world, understand their subculture, and the life of the day, and then teach they. For example, four things you can do in the morning:

1 1. Improve the efficiency of life: a spirited wake-up action; a well-organized housekeeping; a quick washing action. Don't rely on bed, procrastination, and powerless behavior, because behavior will affect your mind. Sometimes the first action in the morning can affect the efficiency of one day's work.

2, know how to motivate: When you get up, say to yourself: Thank God for giving me a good day; I have the ability to create my own day, what can I accomplish? What moved? By doing this every day, you can develop a happy habit, let yourself be radiant and full of hope for the day.

3, 3, cheering with your family: Avoid conflicts with your family in the morning. It is best to encourage each other by body language, such as holding a hand, taking a palm, and embracing, can make us motivated. Before leaving home, everyone can bless and cheer each other, and we can make our day full of joy.

4, 4, enjoy a rich nutritious breakfast: This breakfast is the physical basis of the class, did not eat breakfast, easy to make low blood sugar, lack of physical strength, sleepy in class, it is difficult to concentrate. Therefore, training students to make homemade breakfast is an important life skill. So the school has to teach students to design a week's menu and have the ability to do it. If you can serve your family, it will be even more wonderful.

        Then, you should discuss with your students the safety precautions for going to school: When you are studying early after school, you need to know how to prepare for the day, ..... All the way to teach, even how to get a quality sleep, can be used as a teaching material for life education. If we do this every day, we can have a full life.

        At the same time, we must teach students that in a day's life, they can always examine the various relationships of their lives, reflect and motivate themselves, and can cherish themselves, care for others, walk into nature, be grateful to heaven, and have a good relationship with each other. Make our lives more harmonious and more complete.

Third, guide the study of life in the moment, master the moment at this moment

        The future of life can only be fictional and predictive; the past of life is just memory, and it has become our experience or history. The only thing we can make is "now". This is a "point" in life. Every "point" can be put to the point. From the point of the line, you can develop a full "face" life.

        People can't just live in the past, or just dream of the future. Only by grasping "this moment" can we pass on the past and create the future. Therefore, how to teach students to "live in the present" is an important goal of life education.

        First of all, we must teach students to "self-awareness" and let them learn to perceive their own experiences and emotions, their own behavioral habits and their own ideas and values. In fact, this is the so-called "conscious" effort, which is accumulated and practiced. Teachers can guide students through small groups and workshops.

        Followed by "self-affirmation training." From the improvement of self-efficacy and the improvement of students' good self-concepts, they can help them to affirm themselves and create a sense of self-worth. With a sense of "self-esteem", they will not escape to the past and the future, and will live a solid life in the present.

       Qian Yongzhen, Director of Taiwan Xiaoming Female Middle School

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