Life Education--A part of teaching reform that cannot be ignored

The goal of life education should include inspiring life wisdom, deepening value reflection and integrating informed behavior. In another way, life education should help students explore and understand the meaning of life, respect and cherish the value of life, love and develop their own unique life, practice and live a harmonious relationship between the world and the people.

Life Education--A part of teaching reform that cannot be ignored

    After Taiwan’s political martial law, people’s thoughts on long-term imprisonment began to demand liberation. Of course, the most important key to understanding is education. Not only do scholars are dissatisfied with the "conservative" and stubborn education system, but the business community (such as Shi Zhenrong, Zhang Zhongmou, etc.) is more worried about the finished products made by this system. There is also an absolute consensus on the need for education reform in society. The first major event after Li Yuanzhe’s return to China was to promote education reform in China. The Ministry of Education also tried to release an administrative response to its education plan for the future, returning education to the school and releasing the textbooks to the private sector. They are actively proceeding under the voice of teaching reform.

Indeed, in the past, excessive emphasis on intellectual education was easily controlled by a single knowledge system. Schools can only follow the direction of the political power. All textbooks, teaching methods and curriculum arrangements are the same. The students who have been raised are also modeled as "one-of-a-kind" ideology. He seems to have lost his will to create himself, and everything must be quick.

The generation of the so-called "fast food culture" has no ability to accept suffering and setbacks, because their original strength has been ruined in the process of studying. They have been required to cut their feet and do their own personality. What does not match. The long-term suppression of the personality of the self has made them lose their confidence in themselves, let alone the expectations of society. Our school education seems to govern everything, no matter how to cultivate respect for "people."

Today's education reform requires administrative loosening, attaches importance to the ability of the medium, advocates the concept of multiple wisdom, and promotes the reconstruction of the academic system towards the ideal of lifelong education. These are all correct and a must for education to reach the 21st century. But the transformation of wisdom, materialism and form cannot be enough, because the collapse of the value system is definitely a disaster for children without defense. The complexity of pluralistic society only causes more confusion.

This generation of children inhale too many images that seem to be fake, and there is no strong reflection ability on the reality. This is where the crisis lies. Once I asked some students in the second grade of elementary school about their views on death. A student told me that he was like a sleep and would live the next day. I asked them why they said that like a character on TV, they will survive when they are killed. These students have such a shallow view of death. How can we expect them to respect the life of themselves or others?

Not long ago, our society was overwhelmed by the EQ boom, and the government also launched a campaign of "mind reform." These efforts are worthy of recognition, but how to put these educations on how to control "intentionality" is rarely mentioned in schools.

Lack of affective education, teaching reform is regrettable

The Ministry of Education recently announced the top 10 results of the education reform last year. Nor did one of them talk about the promotion of "intentional" education. This is really a regret that has to be feared. When we see schoolchildren committing suicide, killing, and the age of violence is getting lower and lower, and the means are becoming more and more cruel, and their mentality is becoming more and more indifferent, we really have to sweat for the future of our society. If at this time, everyone continues to ignore the problem of the spiritual construction of school children, then it is useless to come back to the big book moral article every time a student has an accident!

Therefore, in addition to the reform of the mind of wisdom, form, and materialism, the trains of education reform must also pay attention to educational measures of emotional reconciliation. This may start with cultivating the child's respect for life.

Over the past few decades, we have clearly seen that dogmatic practices do not receive any expected results. Students’ aversion to preaching has reached its apex. We must change the way we can accept our teachings. Heuristic teaching - let students take the initiative to gain experience and feelings from the learning process - probably the only way.

We often say that children who are respected will be self-respecting, but how many parents are willing to let go of their work, turn off the TV, kneel down, look at the children’s eyes and listen to them patiently, how many times we are "you don't understand To send out children's curiosity?

Many people understand that education is the foundation of the founding of the country, but it misunderstands its true meaning. It is thought that as long as the beautiful new classrooms are installed, new computers are installed, and more hardware is expanded to run education. In fact, it is the software that really affects the success or failure of education. - People who use hardware, that is, teachers, parents, you and me. What we want to teach to children is to let them experience the connotation of civilization, that is, to think about each other's situation, to be able to understand others, to restrain their own talent is a civilized person.

Learning to get along with each other can start with the game

The best place to learn this kind of person and person is the game. We want the children to live the knowledge they have learned in the process of the game, and to refine their skills with other students. The game provides children. The necessary space for creativity development, teachers and parents should look at the children's games with the right attitude, do not think that he is wasting time. When two people play together, he is actually learning the truth of being a man, and when he plays himself, he is exerting his imagination and cultivating his creativity.

By cultivating children who have thoughts and thoughts, we can talk about the cultivation of personality and the spirit of justice on this basis.

Therefore, we must remind us again that the importance of life education, respect for ourselves, sympathy for others, and the cultivation of empathy are very lacking in current education. Our students have tried too many exams and the books are read too little. It is completely incomprehensible to the people in the society to be warm and warm, and not to mention life. If you don't understand and don't understand the sufferings of others, the natural manifestation is cold blood. We should encourage students to choose extracurricular reading materials suitable for their own interests, as a supplementary textbook for life sciences, without having to worry about the exams. Perhaps the frustration and helplessness that pervades us around now will not be so deep, and the suicide rate will not be It will be so high.

Understanding the meaning of life will respect others

Students can find difficult solutions from the experience of the predecessors in the book. When students understand that each person's actions will affect others, he will understand the meaning of his life and the value of existence. Our children can learn to be considerate and respect others.

If he realizes that double-row parking, others must drive to bypass your car, this is a violation of the rights of others, because his brakes do not need to step on, the car skin does not need to change so quickly, he does not need to take the risk Excessive risk to change lanes to avoid your car, if our children realize this, he will not let the car stay in the middle of the road, because he understands that this is a violation of the rights of others, not just Just afraid that the police will come to open a ticket.

Teaching students to respect themselves and respect others is the most urgent thing we need to do in our current education. Looking forward to the new year, society will be more yuan, the relationship between people will be more complicated, the distance between the world will be shorter and shorter, and the new value system will change again and again. How can we make our next generation out of confusion? The promotion of life education is definitely the core of education reform.

Zeng Zhilang , Former Taiwan Education Minister

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