Carbon Reduction Skills

You can do the followings. Carbon Reduction (KG)
Do not drive for one day. Calculate 10 kilometers per liter of gasoline for 10 kilometers. 2.36
Produce less than one kilogram of garbage per day. 2.06
  Less one hour of air conditioning every day. (calculated by air-conditioning power 220W) 1.4
The air-conditioning is increased by one degree and used for 10 hours per day. (Power 2200W, up 6% in 1 degree). 0.84
Change your diet to eat vegetables every day. (Ingested with 0.12kg/day meat) 0.78
Switch the timer switch for 12 hours when the drinker is set. 0.38
 Use 1 degree less water per day. 0.21
Open the host and screen less than 1 hour a day. (300W 0.19
 Replace the 60W tungsten filament bulb with a 11W bulb and evaluate it for 5 hours a day. 0.16
 Watch TV for 1 hour every day. (200W) 0.13
 Replace the two 5W god lights with 0.8W LED lights for 8 hours per day. 0.13
 Replace the 7.2W night light with a 0.8W LED light for 8 hours per day. 0.03
 Hair is blown to eight minutes. Reduce the use of a hair dryer for 3 minutes. (800W) 0.03
  Use a ten-minute dish dryer every day. (200W) 0.02

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