Cultural demonstration meaning of an art gallery

In the era of soft power as the main axis of competition, whether there are sufficient and sufficient quality cultural facilities has a decisive influence on the development of the city. The artist’s responsibility is to dedicate beauty to society, influence on culture, commitment to society, Responsibility to the public can better represent the value of an artist. “Song Yugui Art Museum” will become a cultural and artistic venue with a variety of functions, including art exhibitions, art publishing transactions, and art exchange activities.

Cultural facilities are the platform for the representation of urban cultural tastes. They are important carriers for condensing the cultural power of the city and allowing it to diverge continuously. Whether or not there is a sufficient number of cultural facilities of sufficient quality will have a decisive influence on the future fate of a city.

Cultural thickness is the most enduring and moving charm of a city. In a certain sense, the image, temperament and character of the city depend on the cultivation of culture, and the development of the city is inseparable from the support of culture.

There are many ways to show the thickness of urban culture. You can use historical documents and historical relics to highlight cultural heritage. You can also rely on literary and artistic creation to enhance cultural image. You can also create a cultural atmosphere by perfecting urban planning and enriching people's lives. The most intuitive, most versatile and publicly meaningful way is to build cultural facilities such as museums, art galleries, art galleries, libraries, theatres, and more.

Cultural facilities are a platform for the representation of urban cultural tastes, and an important carrier for condensing the power of urban culture and allowing it to diverge. The existence of cultural facilities is not limited to the addition of several buildings to the city, or to provide the public with a few places to relax. In fact, they are the face of the city, but also the city's heritage. It is no exaggeration to say that in the current era of soft power as the main axis of competition, whether or not there is a sufficient number of cultural facilities of sufficient quality will have a decisive influence on the future fate of a city.

Shenyang has a history of more than 2,000 years of city construction. It has a rich cultural form of multi-ethnic integration. It is the birthplace of Qing culture and a world-famous industrial town. Whether it is traditional culture, folk culture, industrial culture or popular culture, it can be in Shenyang. Find a representative. However, the cultural thickness of Shenyang has not been fully highlighted. Her cultural image is not clear enough, her cultural advantages are not prominent enough, and even some cultural resources are still unknown. In many people's perceptions, Shenyang seems to be a city that is somewhat extensive and lacking in exquisiteness. The reasons for this need to be further strengthened in the cultivation of cultural atmosphere, the construction of cultural facilities, and the development of cultural resources. To this end, in recent years, the relevant departments of Shenyang have made a lot of efforts. Among them, the construction of the "Song Yugui Art Museum" is an important measure.

“Song Yugui Art Museum” is the first art museum in the province named after the artist. It has been officially completed and has entered the stage of centralized exhibition. It is reported that the variety and value of the collections of the museum far exceeds the expectations of the outside world, including not only the classic paintings created by Song Yugui in different periods, but also the history and art that he has visited throughout the country for more than 40 years. Various collections of value. The influence of “Song Yugui Art Museum” on the cultural development of Liaoshen area may be discussed in detail on the opening day. However, its construction and completion have already had important demonstration effects. It will surely become a cultural phenomenon that has received widespread attention from public opinion. As the first media to be invited to interview, our reporter took the lead in visiting the entire museum on October 4th and conducted an exclusive interview with the famous artist Song Yugui.

Song Yugui not only took out his representative paintings in various periods, but also decided to put a large number of precious artworks collected in the museum for decades. The exhibits have various historical periods, many of which are artefact-level artworks.

Everyone's memory of the city will always stay on something specific. It may be a landscape, a building, or a food or a piece of art. A city that can make people have a good memory is bound to be a city with taste and personality. This personality and taste comes from the cultural thickness of the city. When people talk about Paris, New York, and London, they always think of the Louvre Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the British Museum, where they house the cultural and artistic crystallization that can be described in the history of human development. Their charm and The influence has attracted the attention of the whole world and has become one of the important bases for Paris, New York and London to enter the ranks of cultural cities. Moreover, these cities also have various museums, art galleries and art galleries, which are large and small. Together, they form an invisible “cultural field”, which creates possibilities for conserving urban cultural soil and improving urban cultural taste. It can be seen that the cultural composition of a city cannot lack the existence of cultural facilities.

On October 4th, the reporter visited the "Song Yugui Art Museum" located on Changbai Island in Shenyang. From the appearance, it is a simple and elegant small building. Compared with the high-rise buildings on Changbai Island, the temperament is fresh and chic. . Some exhibits have been placed on the lawn outside the pavilion. Except for some stone carvings or stone monuments, the most eye-catching are the two valuable golden nanmu. Cao Jilin, the chief supervisor of the museum, told reporters that the original functional design of Song Yugui Art Museum was based on Song Yugui's paintings. “As a famous contemporary Chinese painting master, Song Yugui has a strong influence in Chinese and overseas painting and calligraphy circles. 2011 The 66-meter-long "New Fuchun Mountain Residence", which was created by Song and the two artists from both sides of the strait, has been highly praised by people from all walks of life at home and abroad. Under this background, the relevant provinces and municipalities have created the name "Song Yugui". The idea of ​​an art gallery. On September 27, 2011, this idea became a reality. The "Song Yugui Art Museum" funded by Shenyang City was officially laid in Changbai Island. The art museum has a construction area of ​​11,200 square meters and has art. Product exhibition hall, painting and painting room, creative room and art library. The cultural value that may be generated after the completion of this art museum is highly anticipated. The relevant provincial and municipal leaders said that it should be used as a representative project to promote regional cultural development and prosperity. , built into Shenyang's landmark buildings, cultural facilities, art palaces, looking forward to its cultural career in Shenyang and even Liaoning The exhibition injects new impetus. Teacher Song also regards the construction of the art museum as a new starting line for his personal artistic career. Therefore, he not only presented his representative paintings in various periods, but also decided to collect a large number of precious art for decades. The products are also placed in the pavilion. Therefore, the number of exhibits in the art museum has increased dramatically, and its cultural value has also been greatly improved. We started the official exhibition in June this year, and the current collection of the museum has not reached 1/3 of the total, with art. The existing area of ​​the museum is definitely not enough."

The reporter followed Cao Jilin and began to visit the first floor of the art gallery. Cao Jilin said that the first floor is a comprehensive exhibition hall, which is mainly used to display stone carvings, stone statues, stone tablets and natural stones. The second floor is the Song Yugui art exhibition area. One of the curved exhibition rooms is the most special. It is specially designed to display the "New Fuchun Mountain Residence". The third floor is an art studio. In addition to providing a creative place for Song Yugui, this floor also houses a large number of rare woodcuts, woodcarvings, and antique furniture, most of which are made of golden silk. It is reported that these exhibits have various historical periods, and many of them are artefact-level works of art. During the exhibition, many people from the cultural and art circles and art circles visited in advance. The famous connoisseur Guan Baozhen, the famous calligrapher and connoisseur Liu Jianmin gave high praise to the artistic value and historical value of the exhibits. They believed that the "Song Yugui Art Museum" Some exhibits may not be seen even in famous museums both at home and abroad. Therefore, the “Song Yugui Art Museum” actually has the function of a museum. It is not only a place to show the artist’s personal artistic achievements, but more importantly, it brings together all kinds of artworks representing the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. A “cultural field” with strong cohesiveness and divergence, the cultural effects that may arise are worthy of attention.

Artists should pay attention to the destiny of the national nation and have a clear understanding of the development of history and culture. Every stone statue and woodcut are historical narrators. They may be ruined, but it is precisely these damages that represent the imprint of history.

It has been said that the artist’s responsibility is to dedicate beauty to society. The level of creation is not the only criterion for measuring artistic achievement. The influence of culture, the commitment to society, and the responsibility to the public can better represent the value of an artist.

Song Yugui was interviewed by a reporter on the bench on the first floor of the art gallery. His opposite was a row of stone carving heads. When talking with him, the reporter seemed to be at the intersection of ancient and modern time and space, listening to an old man who was over the ages and telling his understanding of history and art, mission and responsibility.

“I often think about what kind of painter is a really good painter. A painter who only pays attention to studying painting skills must not be a good painter, or he can be said that he is just a painter. This world is talented and talented. There are many artists, but there are not many artists with cultural spirit and national responsibility. I believe that artists should pay attention to the destiny of the nation and have a clear understanding of the development of history and culture so that they can know their own. Where is the root, so that it will stand firmer and deeper in the process of growing up in its own art."

Song Yugui’s achievements in painting are well known. People used to describe him with masters of Chinese painting and famous artists. In fact, Song Yugui, the collector's identity, is also called "master". As early as the 1970s and 1980s, Song Yugui began to pay attention to folk art, especially those sculptures that can represent the vicissitudes of the Chinese nation. For many years, he has been paying attention to every visit, collecting valuable treasures scattered in the country. “I like sculpture because it has a three-dimensional effect. Every stone statue and woodcut are historical narrators. They may be ruined, but it is precisely these damages that represent the imprint of history.”

“There are still many works of historical value and cultural value in our country that have not been discovered, and some have been sold overseas in various illegal ways. Every time I see our Chinese cultural relics in museums in other countries, I feel Very regrettable and helpless. As Chinese, we have the responsibility to leave these national treasures on our own land. Frankly, I have a "rescue" mentality, such as a collection of "Thousand Buddhas", all of the previous ones. I originally planned to sell it to a foreign country. I knew it and bought it in time. I have limited power and hope that more people can pay attention to the fate of these artworks."

In 2011, Song Yugui said at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Art Museum: "I feel that Liaoning Province and Shenyang City attach great importance to cultural construction, and our cultural undertakings are on the rise. Building this art museum is a powerful explanation." Song Yugui I told reporters that he decided to put all his personal collections in the "Song Yugui Art Museum" for exhibition purposes. The main purpose is to enhance the cultural influence of the art museum, thus adding a new cultural image to Shenyang and even Liaoning. Highlights. He said: "I am from Shenyang. My artistic life grew up in Shenyang. I should give back to the city and do my best for her cultural development. The cultural atmosphere of Shenyang is similar to that of Beijing, Shanghai and some cities in the South. There is still a big gap. Although we also have deep historical accumulation and cultural heritage, there is indeed a problem of inheriting and breaking. I have been engaged in art work for decades, and I feel deeply and naturally give birth to a kind of Responsibility, I feel that I should do something, otherwise I seem to be "dereliction of duty". Therefore, I hope to build this art gallery so that it can operate smoothly. Cultural facilities are a symbol of the city, we still lack this As far as I know, in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, there are quite a lot of museums and art galleries, government-built, and privately-built. We should also keep up with the pace of development, otherwise it will become more and more culturally weak."

“Song Yugui Art Museum” will become an opportunity to promote the emergence of more small and medium-sized, thematic art galleries or museums, making Shenyang's cultural atmosphere more intense and vivid.

Museums and art galleries can provide not only a materialized collection and juxtaposition, but also a spiritual gathering. Different concepts and exhibits will make different cultural pavilions have different styles, and at the same time, create different levels of spiritual enjoyment. The reporter learned that due to the huge number of exhibits, a new art gallery will be built next to the "Song Yugui Art Museum" to make up for the lack of exhibition space. After the completion of the new building, the "Song Yugui Art Museum", which is composed of two buildings, will more fully display Song Yugui's works and collections.

Song Yugui believes that from the perspective of the size and population of Shenyang, the government should continue to increase investment in cultural facilities and strive to build more various types of special cultural venues. “For example, in addition to stone statues and woodcuts, there are porcelain, purple sand, gold and silverware, jade, etc., each of which can be placed in a special art museum or museum. My collection of golden nanmu Some of the furniture was taken back from the Beijing Jinsi Nanmu Museum. It is very precious enough to hold up a golden nanmu museum in Shenyang. In addition, two of my collections of porcelain are rare Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain, but also unique in the world. Orphan porcelain can be a "treasure of the town hall" of a porcelain museum. Therefore, I hope that the "Song Yugui Art Museum" can be an opportunity to promote the emergence of more small and medium-sized, thematic art museums or museums. The cultural atmosphere of Shenyang is more intense and more vivid."

Song Yugui suggested that the government can scientifically use private capital to participate in the construction of cultural facilities. He said: "Many people think that as long as they can improve the image of the city, it is enough to have more lawns and more flowers. Actually it is not. Greening is important, but only greening, the city will become very monotonous. The cultural facilities are different, their sense of history, The sense of art is not a substitute for greening. The government should consider this issue from the perspective of being responsible for the future. In addition, cultural facilities need to be actively and effectively managed. From the past experience, some cultural facilities have been built. It is also difficult to continue to operate in the long run, and relevant departments must have scientific and comprehensive planning."

Next spring, the "Song Yugui Art Museum" will be officially open to the public free of charge. Song Yugui hopes that this public welfare art museum can carry more possibilities, including art exhibitions, art publishing transactions, and art exchange activities, becoming a cultural and artistic venue integrating multiple functions. “I have a lot of ideas, such as holding seminars and inviting literary and historical scholars and art critics to discuss, not only can further interpret the value of exhibits, but also play a role in popularizing historical and cultural knowledge for the public. In this way, art galleries can Adding a function. I am almost 80 years old and still want to do more. In a sense, my thoughts represent a psychological state in the cultural and artistic circles of Liaoning, hoping to play some exemplary role and let more Cultural and artistic workers take on more responsibility for the cultural development of the country and region.




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