Educational philosophy and characteristics

Aims/ Purposes:

  • Encourage life-long learning among Macao residents and provide them with relevant opportunities using adult education theories and methods; nurturing and enriching their lives so that they can contribute to the development of Macao, China and the world.
  • Become a learning-oriented educational institution which is able to assist neighbouring communities to develop into a learning community, and to realise the ideal of becoming a socially-oriented society in Macao.


  • Secondary School Curriculum: Assist Macao residents over the age of 16 in completing and achieving their secondary education successfully so that they are able to pursue higher education.
  • Vocational Training Courses: Enable those who are interested in learning a skill such as learning the “innovative” professional skills needed to cope with the development of Macao.
  • Community Education Courses: Provide life-long learning opportunities to the community with our speciality programmes.
  •  Establish a learning organisation: Make the school a learning education institution through the improvement of the thinking and implementation methods of the school staff.
  • Create a learning community: Create a learning community through school community activities and collaboration with institutions in neighbouring communities.


School’s Motto:



Everyone can discover their own potential through exploration.

Everyone can learn through guidance.

Distinguish Features:

  • Provide a “day and night complementary class” in order to ensure learning opportunities for students on shift.
  • Set up a “self-study” class to encourage students to take the initiative to learn and develop their attitudes and methods of life-long learning.
  • In addition to "learning to learn", it also develops students' ability to "solve problems", "communicate" and "innovate”.
  • Provide a “scheduled” study plan for those who wish to pursue higher education.
  • Special efforts to promote "sustainable development", "gender equality", "environmental protection", "appreciation of art" and "social harmony".
  • The classrooms and equipment in the school are modern and effective and of high quality, comparable to higher education institutions.
  • The curriculum of secondary school is forward-looking and is designed according to the new development trend of the local professional job market.
  • Community education is aimed at the local residents of neighbouring communities, providing diverse learning opportunities and educational activities that are needed to create a “learning community and society” and to make the best possible use.

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